Introduction to ImpactX Podcast

Welcome to the ImpactX Podcast

I’m Henrik de Gyor, Technical Entrepreneur in Residence at the College of Charleston in South Carolina.

In this series of audio podcasts, I’m going to be interviewing students and professors from the ImpactX Accelerator inside the Business School at the College of Charleston.

You’ll hear from the professors who run the program as well as all the students in each team participating in the Accelerator.

Each team comprises of a business student, a liberal art student, and often a computer science student, for a purposeful friction with different perspectives on the same problem that they’re trying to solve as a business.

One of the unique aspects of the ImpactX Accelerator Program is the use of the UN Sustainable Development Goals that are required for every venture by the ImpactX Program so that you can make a profit while making an impact.

Each team was interviewed a number of times as their venture progresses.

Each week, you will hear the progress of a different startup team.

And now onto the interviews…